Welcome to the Global Long-Grasser!

This online collaboration provides a forum for young professionals and academics to discuss issues of Global Health, Human Rights, Gender Equity and Indigenous Australia. While we are globally focused, we are grounded in local experience and knowledge.

We have been inspired to create a project that demonstrates the parallels of global health and human rights with that of Indigenous Australia. While many issues are discussed on a global level, many are deeply pertinent to rural and Indigenous Australians, including human rights, gender violence, racial discrimination and health disparities.

Please join us in paying respect to the custodians of the land on which this project was founded.

We have noticed through working in various global and rural Australian healthcare settings that many young people are inspired, shocked, enraged, reassured or in some way emotionally moved by their work in global health. A lot of young professionals are inspired to become involved in global health, human rights, or issues specific to Indigenous Australians but may not yet have established a clear career path. Likewise, many people may feel passionate about contributing their thoughts to a global forum but have not yet published formally. For those who have published in academic journals, many find the process slow and restrictive at times and just need a forum to express what is in their hearts. This is it.

We encourage all passionate young professionals and academics to contribute to our website. We want to know your daily experiences with gender, health, development, human rights, or Indigenous Australia. This site is for people to contribute to meaningful online discussions in a range of relevant fields.

To contribute, please refer to our contribution page.


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